Hosted Mail

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Mail hosting

Your mailbox, locally hosted for your convenience.

Email is still the stalwart of electronic communications and we have been doing it for years. Cloudstand offers you a robust and reliable “traditional” email service that can be tailored to how you want it to work. Dedicated POP and IMAP services allow you to chose how you handle your email. Our universal outgoing mail (SMTP) systems, allow you to send email anywhere you are on the Internet without having to change to mail settings. And to keep the rubbish out, our spam and malware filters is a standard part of the service.

Large amounts of space
Ability to use any mail client
Dedicated control panel for mail filtering upon request
Local Australian Support

Have a need to host a large number of mailboxes or looking to transfer from another hosting provider? Use the contact form to get in touch with us to see how we can make your life easier in transferring!