Cloudstand - Australian based cloud hosting and services reimagined!

Cloudstand is Australia's newest integrated cloud services platform located in Ballarat, regional Australia's ICT Capital. Cloudstand aims to provide useful, no-nonsense, and user friendly cloud services. Cloudstand is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that you get the best out of the cloud.


Web Hosting

Have a web presence your way, with tools you can use and control.

All web sites are the same, right? Well maybe not. We bring you an easy to use toolkit, all in the one place and at your fingertips. Utilising the cutting edge cPanel system with a variety of easy to install web applications and content management systems, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Our systems are hosted in our own dedicated data centre facility right here in the heart of regional Victoria.

  • Easy to manage with cPanel
  • Hosted in Australia
  • Backed by a team of dedicated professionals
  • Local Australian support
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Email, I just want email

Need only email services, but not a full Groupware service? We have you covered.

Email is still the stalwart of electronic communications and we have been doing it for years. We offer a reliable and robust traditional email service that can be tailored to how you work. With our universal mails systems you get IMAP and POP access for your email and send email anywhere on the Internet. As a standard part of our service, we provide all email accounts with spam and malware filters to keep the rubbish out.

  • Ability to use any mail client
  • Dedicated control panel for mail filtering to release quarantined mail
  • Local Australian support
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Zentyal Cloud

An open source alternative to hosted exchange

Kick out that Exchange Server hiding in the corner of your office. Cloudstand has something for that. It's taking a different path to get you to where you need. We have teamed up with the good people at Zentyal to bring you a unique cloud based Groupware solution for you and your team. Group email, calendar and task sharing, contact management, all under a single unified cloud based platform. If you are used to using Microsoft Exchange Services and are a user of Outlook, here is the cloud based alternative. If you are looking for a Groupware solution, Zentyal is a great place to start. It's scalable and will grow with you. Cloudstand's Zentyal platform offers:

  • Spam and Malware filtering
  • Outlook integration
  • Shared calendars
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Mobile and Push message support
  • Ability to add sub domains
  • Local Australian support
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Cloud Filer

Private cloud file sharing, hosted locally

Do you need a cloud-based file sharing system that's actually hosted in Australia? Look no further. We now host a file sharing solution to meet your needs. Whether it's for individual needs or for team sharing within a business; we have the solution for you!

  • Integration with any device supported by ownCloud (Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS)
  • Syncing across multiple devices
  • Share links to individual files or directories with your friends and clients
  • Local Australian support
  • Powered by ownCloud
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